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by Henry Grebler

Brave New World


        O, wonder!
        How many goodly creatures are there here!
        How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
        That has such people in't!

             William Shakespeare, The Tempest, Act 5, Scene 1

Welcome to the brave new world of Linux Gazette.

Where did it begin? Probably long ago. But let’s say 16 May 2011. Ben wrote to TAG:

    After a number of years of running LG, I've reached a stopping
    point: I can't continue producing it, for a variety of
    interconnected reasons. In short, the group of people
    currently involved in making LG happen has become so small
    that almost the entire thing has fallen on me - and the
    technical side of producing it is so complicated that my
    current level of business and other life involvement does not
    leave me with enough spare time to do it. As a result, there
    was no LG issue for this month - and despite giving it my best
    shot over the past two weeks, I have still not managed to
    release one.

Ben’s email elicited over 100 responses.

Much has happened in the intervening months. Many people were reluctant to let Linux Gazette fade away. What you see today is the upshot: a new look Linux Gazette, produced through the cooperation of a new team and a technology which may not be all that new but is certainly different.

You can see who is a member of the team that is responsible for Linux Gazette on the home page. If you have something to contribute to Linux Gazette’s future, please contact us.

About Henry Grebler

Henry has spent his days working with computers, mostly for computer manufacturers or software developers. His early computer experience includes relics such as punch cards, paper tape and mag tape. It is his darkest secret that he has been paid to do the sorts of things he would have paid money to be allowed to do. Just don't tell any of his employers. He has used Linux as his personal home desktop since the family got its first PC in 1996. Back then, when the family shared the one PC, it was a dual-boot Windows/Slackware setup. Now that each member has his/her own computer, Henry somehow survives in a purely Linux world. He lives in a suburb of Melbourne, Australia.
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