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Lucidchart – Diagramming for Linux users

Along with my editing responsibilities here at Linux Gazette, I work for a Utah-based company that’s churning out some pretty incredible web applications. I’ve been using our flagship product on the latest stable release of Ubuntu, and I want to … Continue reading

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Advanced Programming in Expect: Prompt Your Prompts

Maintaining Synchronization With Remote Session Prompts The critical aspect of the command prompt is to ensure that an automated system is in sync with the remote process it is controlling. A command prompt is meant to indicate that there is … Continue reading

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Remind – A Killer App

For many years, I worked for the same organisation. There are positives and negatives in this sort of corporate longevity. For almost the whole time I was there, my private me was inextricably mixed up with my corporate me. I … Continue reading

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News Bytes #190

Events DreamForce 2011 Aug 29-Sept 2, Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA Intel Developer Forum – IDF 2011 Sept 13-15th. Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA Storage Decisions New York September 19, 2011 – New York, NY (ISC)2 Security Congress … Continue reading

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Away Mission for August

LinuxCon North America In August, LinuxCon celebrated 20 years of Linux. That’s right, its been 2 rapid decades since Linus Torvolds sent our his historic post to the MINIX news group that he was working on a small open source … Continue reading

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