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Dave has been working as a software developer since 1987, beginning with military projects and then commercial products. In 1995 he began doing automation development, and is now a specialist in the architecture and development of automation infrastructures, mostly for SQA testing needs but also for software/OS installations and run-forever systems. He is co-founder and director of software development for Cotse.Net, a subscription web services company with a world-wide user base. He has extensive experience with Linux, FreeBSD, Cygwin, Tcl, Expect, Regular Expressions, and automation theory and practice. In his spare time, he studies neurolinguistics, astrophysics and acoustics, designs strategic games, plays keyboards and is a published composer/musician. Also, he loves animals and rescues those that are abandoned or mistreated, and is webmaster of, the website of a rabbit rescue he works with. Dave has a Bachelors degree from Tufts University with some masters credit in Computer Engineering (Electrical Engineering & Computer Science) with a thesis on Three-Dimensional Acoustic Simulation.

Advanced Programming in Expect: Prompt Your Prompts

Maintaining Synchronization With Remote Session Prompts The critical aspect of the command prompt is to ensure that an automated system is in sync with the remote process it is controlling. A command prompt is meant to indicate that there is … Continue reading

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Advanced Programming In Expect: sHellspawn – Demons in the Daemons

Note: The examples in this article use the original implementation of Expect, as part of the TCL scripting language, but the concepts apply to any language that supports the same principles of spawning connections to remote systems or processes. Whichever … Continue reading

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