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Howard Dyckoff is a long term IT professional with primary experience at Fortune 100 and 200 firms. Before his IT career, he worked for Aviation Week and Space Technology magazine and before that used to edit SkyCom, a newsletter for astronomers and rocketeers. He hails from the Republic of Brooklyn [and Polytechnic Institute] and now, after several trips to Himalayan mountain tops, resides in the SF Bay Area with a large book collection and several pet rocks. Howard maintains the Technology-Events blog at from which he contributes the Events listing for Linux Gazette. Visit the blog to preview some of the next month's NewsBytes Events.

Away Mission for August

LinuxCon North America In August, LinuxCon celebrated 20 years of Linux. That’s right, its been 2 rapid decades since Linus Torvolds sent our his historic post to the MINIX news group that he was working on a small open source … Continue reading

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Contents: News in General Conferences and Events Distro News Software and Product News Please submit your News Bytes items in plain text, as a one- or two-paragraph summary plus a URL; we do not publish entire press releases. Submit items … Continue reading

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Away Mission

Cisco Live 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada,  (July 10 – 14, 2011) is the venue for all things Cisco  this month.  Not that I’d recommend Vegas in July, but Cisco does provide lots of tech sessions and good grub. The … Continue reading

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Life with a ChromeBook

(Linux Gazette’s correspondent Howard Dyckoff received a beta Chromium 48, or Cr-48 unit and put it through the wringer. He tried to use it as his primary computer and finally succeeded after a few major OS updates. His experience is … Continue reading

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