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Some stunnel questions (hopefully not too dumb)

Barry ODonovan [barry at opensolutions.ie]

Thu, 6 Dec 2007 10:18:01 +0000

Hey Ben,

On Thursday 29 November 2007 20:58:22 Ben Okopnik wrote:

> I hope you've been keeping well. Just got a question about one of your
> articles, and thought you might want to participate in the free-for-all.

I was just rolling up the sleeves to dive in but I see it'd already been answered!

In any case, it's got me to renew my TAG membership so maybe I'll get to join in in the next question!

- Barry

> :)
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>    Hi All,
>                       I'm trying to use Stunnel to create an encrypted
> tunnel into my LINUX box from another LINUX box and as much as I hate to
> admit it, I know relatively little about SSL implementation. I would like
> to set up connection from a relatively dumb test client application which
> requests of my test server to send out the contents of a file which I
> specify to it. This is done by firing up my server and having it listen to
> requests on specific port number which I have chosen, accept the connection
> and respond with the data over the socket. I have recently found Barry
> O'Donovan's article in the Linux Gazette which seems to specify how to set
> up Stunnel-4.XX to create an SSL aware server. That much seems reasonable.
> But my question is "How do I setup a similar scheme for the client?"  I've
> found other articles, but they seem to be for older versions of Stunnel
> using flags that do not seem to apply to Stunnel-4.XX. So here I am with
> half the solution I need. Now what? Help!!!!
>                              Many Thanks for serious replies,
>                                           Paul Harmon
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