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Mint Card statement

Mint Card [review at mint.co.uk]

Sat, 3 Jan 2009 10:44:24 -0500 (EST)

[[[ html-laden "content" elided - all the good stuff is in the followup response, anyway. -- Kat ]]]

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Ben Okopnik [ben at linuxgazette.net]

Sat, 3 Jan 2009 11:45:48 -0500

On Sat, Jan 03, 2009 at 10:44:24AM -0500, Mint Card wrote:

>    Your Mint Card statement 2009.                                             

Mmmm, mint. A "Mint Card" sounds yummy - is it a "scratch-and-sniff" (or "sniff-and-lick") kind of thing? I loooove new and inventive products.

>    Hello-We are using this time to inform you that your new mint statement    
>    for 2009 open with all closed transactions for the last 2008 will be       
>    online soon as we are working on our new sever,

If your new sever is of the same quality as your grammar, then I do asseverate that severing yourself from both would improve your servile image severely.

>    So we want you to update    
>    your account to help us recognise you as the ower of this account.

My account is not and never has been ower. It has been unner a coupla times, which made me feel a severe draft (is an owerdraft the same as unnertow? Or is that latter where you always find that missing thumbtack? And why do they call it a *thumb*tack when it always ends up in your tow?) Maybe it'll go ower when I deposit that 50 PERCENT OF AN ABANDONED SUM OF US$38.5 MILLION (THIRTY EIGHT MILLION, FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND UNITED STATES DOLLARS ONLY) IN AN ACCOUNT THAT BELONGS TO ONE OF OUR FOREIGN CUSTOMER WHO DIED ALONG WITH HIS ENTIRE FAMILY OF A WIFE AND TWO CHILDREN IN NOVEMBER 1999 IN A PLANE CRASH that you're about to offer me? Or did I confuse you with your cousin Idowu Amadi Jumoke Bayo Ig?

>    Please  
>    remember to always keep your receipts safe                                 

...and wear your overshoes in rainy weather, and look both ways before you cross the street. And be sure to save your earwax for flavoring your ice cream (along with an ounce or two of arsenic) - but only if you're a scammer.

>    Note:If you spot a transaction that you don't recognise you can get help   
>    from the link on your statement, if anything still seems wrong contact us  
>    straight away.
>    Update your account below                                    
>                                            http://mint.co.uk/statement/update 

No, no - I recognize this type of transaction right away. Let's see the underlying (with emphasis on "lying") HTML:

<DIV><FONT color=#333333 size=2>Note:If you spot a transaction that
you don't recognise you can get help from the link on your
statement, if anything still seems wrong contact us straight
away.Update your account below</FONT></DIV>
<DIV><FONT color=#333333 size=2></FONT> </DIV></TD></TR>
align=right colSpan=2><FONT color=#0078cf><STRONG><U><A

Going to http://kirklaw11.t35.com/ is rather amusing (moron scammers abound...); looking at the above link is also a hoot - the bottom bar has ad links to "Asian Bridal Makup", "Casino Online", "Drug Rehab", and "Freelance jobs" (a capsule review of what your life will be about if you fall for this scam, hey?)

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