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UniForum97 Photo Album

Me in front of Muscony Center, San Francisco, CA

Linus Torvalds and Jon "maddog" Hall holding SSC's penguin beer mug

Linus receiving the UniForum Acheivment Award from Douglas Michaels

Linus, "it's nice to have something physical"

Tove and Patricia Miranda Torvalds

Loitering in front of the Exhibit Hall

SSC's Booth manned from left by Carlie Fairchild, Kevin Pierce and Joanne Wagner

Digital booth manned by Randy Perry of Aspen Systems

InfoMagic draws a crowd

Linus, Tove, Miranda and one of their fans tour the Linux Pavillion

WGS booth manned from left by Aldo Ramos and Mark Bolzern

Linux Internation booth manned by Adam Richter of Yggdrasil

Kit Cosper of Linux Hardward Solutions shows off Linux

Red Hat booth manned by Lisa Sullivan

Copyright © 1997, Photographer, Marjorie Richardson
Published in Issue 16 of the Linux Gazette April 1997