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(?) ess1869 sound card modual

From Robert Campbell

Answered By Ben Okopnik

(?) I am trying to install a ess1869 sound card.  and I have read in allot of place that the card works with linux but I cannot find the modual that looks right for it....  I want to know where I can download the modual for the ess1869 sound card..   and is there a site that is dedicated to linux moduals and drivers so I can download others from there when needed?

(!) [Ben] Linux does indeed support ESS sound cards, including the ESS1869. Unfortunately, your question, as phrased, is impossible to answer - modules are not "downloaded", they are created as part of the kernel compilation. Chances are high that your "stock" kernel comes with the necessary modules; if not, recompiling the kernel is not a difficult process. See the Kernel-HOWTO.
When you say that you "cannot find the modual that looks right for it", what do you mean? I'm not aware of any physical characteristics that would make a module "look wrong" - what criteria are you using? In any case, the module that "looks right" to me, in this case, is 'sb', the SoundBlaster module. I would suggest downloading my "shotgun" script that was published in the current issue of LG as "2-cent tip - module resource detection" and running it with 'sb' as a parameter; if one of the listed switches is "esstype", then ESS support is compiled in, and you simply need to load 'sb' (as well as the modules that are necessary to support it.) In case of problems, I would suggest reading the extensive comments in the source code (/usr/src/linux/drivers/sound/sb_ess.c) Hint: search for the word 'esstype'.

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