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(?) hello gang out there, another sendmail case :>

From Piotr Wadas

Answered By Faber Fedor

I have the following sendmail problem: For backup purposes I boss ordered me to force sendmail to make carbon or blind copy of each mail (which comes in, out, or which is to be relayed through box) to specified account.

(!) [Faber] I personally spent three weeks trying to figure out how to do this. After much research, gnashing of teeth and pulling of hair (and finally consulting an email guru/colleague), the answer is "You can't do that in sendmail".

(?) While browsing sendmail docs all I found was some mysterious sounds about any sendmail 'scripting language' which supposed to be called "Milton" or "Miller" or something like that, which allows that feature, and is to be installed by patching sendmail and re-compiling it.

(!) [Faber] I looked into that, and that requires you to write your rules in the C programming language, IIRC.

(?) But I feel there must be a simpler rule to do this - maybe by rewriting some "From:" and "To:" envelopes or something?

(!) [Faber] You'd think so, wouldn't you. One fellow had an example of a sendmail.cf rule that supposedly will do what you describe, but I never found anyone who actually got it working.

(?) Are you familiar with such problem?

(!) [Faber] Intimately :-(.
However, there is an easy solution: install postfix. Postfix is a "drop-in replacement" for sendmail, i.e. any programs that already rely on sendmail will continue to work without any changes on your part.
To do what you want with postfix is done simply by adding one line to a configuration file. And, there are two nice howtos (written my the above-mentioned mail guru) that you can read at
and at
(they assume you're running Red Hat and using RPMs, but it still legible :-).

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