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(?) Video Timings: Configuration Curse

From pavlin on Mon, 19 Jul 1999

Hi Answer Guy :)

I'm using RedHat 6.0 and I can not run a fine X session with my LG Studioworks 44i monitor.

It does not run well with the standard timings, xvidtune did not help.

I've tried to calculate the video timings as is described in Video timings HOWTO, but it's still bad So can you help me with the correct video timings for this monitor, or where I can find them?

(!) I have no idea how to get better timings out of your monitor. This is yet another occasion when I wish there were an XFree86 "Answer Guy" to whom I could punt these sorts of messages.

[ Allow me to pipe in. Each distribution seems to have a different set of preferred modelines - you may find that the modelines provided by SuSE or TurboLinux are more helpful to you. In particular TurboLinux 3.01 had a much longer list of possible monitor types - yeah, that's right - real listings of monitors, not just a few generic entries to pick among. They're up to 3.6 now (based on a 2.2.9 kernel) so you might want to look at them anyway. FreeBSD also had a much broader list of modelines than I have seen out of Red Hat, last time I looked. Perhaps you can fetch a package for X prepared for one of these others, and extract the modelines you need from it.

Where you have multiple modelines offered for a particular resolution, try commenting out all but one at a time so you can see what that particular line looks like. -- Heather ]

(?) I'm bulgarian, so sorry for the poor english :) Boris

(!) I'm sorry for my poor understanding of your problem. Even if I was a wiz at doing these sorts of timings, I would need a lot more info about your monitor; and I'd probably need to see it in person.
If xvidtune is functioning on your system, but doesn't seem to help with the display problems on your monitor then it may be that the monitor itself is just too far out of spec for any video timings to help. How does it look under MS Windows?

[ You may find it worthwhile to follow Eric's more detailed instructions in the Video Timing HOWTO, and create a brand new mode for your monitor, instead of trying to modify one that is present. Whether it comes out a "standard" resolution is probably not as important to you as whether it looks crisp and readable, without "ghosts." -- Heather ]

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