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(?) Proxy Program?

From Figueroa Alfonso on Sat, 26 Jun 1999

(?) Does anybody has a proxy program ??

(!) One of the oldest and most common proxy server packages is NEC's SOCKS. You can usually find a set of SOCKS version 5 client and server RPMs at: ftp://contrib.redhat.com
A couple of others can be found at Freshmeat (search on "proxy server"): http://www.freshmeat.net
I've used DeleGate -- which is easy to set up and seems to be pretty well-written. You can find it at: http://wall.etl.go.jp/delegate
DeleGate is a server/proxy. It is compatible with SOCKS clients (so you can just use the SOCKS client RPMs with it). It's also possible to manually traverse a DeleGate proxy (similar to how you can connect to a TIS FWTK proxy and manually tell it where your real destination lies). DeleGate seems to have some caching features as well as the security oriented proxying.
If I read it correctly, DeleGate has added ICP (Internet caching protocol) standard features to allow it to act as a caching peer with other ICP FTP and web caches (such as Squid).
Of course you didn't specify which sort of proxy server you're looking for. If all you're looking for is simple caching (not tailored for security) you could use Squid, or Apache.
DANTE is supposed to be another SOCKS compatible proxy server. This one claims support for SOCKS version 4 and version 5 clients. I've never used that one but you can find it at: http://www.inet.no/dante

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