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From Moore, John R on Sat, 4 Sep 1999

Mr. Dennis:
I just sent a pathetic pleading letter from a confused newbie (me)to an author of a PPP HOWTO begging for some clarification on how to setup the necessary files to communicate with my ISP using RH5.2.
In yet another desperate attempt to find the truth, I ran across you response to some other poor souls similar dilema dated Tuesday August 31 of this year.
Finally, some answers I think I can understand. You'd most certainly expire laughing if you knew what I've been through to get on the net. Only now, after reading your article, do I understand that I must create a script that runs, rather than just typing in the commands at some terminal window.
It is no wonder that so many users run as fast as they can in the opposite direction. In a time when the Linux community is trying to be "picked up" by the corporate world and become a viable "player", I find it amusing that so many in that same community can't understand why they get repelled rather than attracted. I myself spent the past three weeks trying to configure my one computer to establish a link on the internet without any success. Oh sure, I was ble to get minicom to dial my ISP...ooohhh, look out big blue! Watch out Bill Gates! C'mon corporate world...jump on the Linux band wagon...we're great! I was beginning to suspect that most new members of the Linux community are bald from pulling their hair out...I know I was getting that way.
And then along comes your informative, albeit wordy (like myself) article that will hopefully clear some of the haze. It is refreshing to read an article that doesn't assume we all grew up in Berkley with nothing better to g /etc/host for hours on end. Still some assumptions were made, but hopefully, this time next week, I'll be sending you email on a Linux box, looking over at my Windows box with a sly grin, rather than visa versa with a look of total frustration.
John Moore

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