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(?) sendmail Masquerading, Configuration, and User Masquerading Revisited

From Willy Lee on Mon, 11 Oct 1999

Hi Mr. Dennis,

The information in your September 1999 column regarding fiddling with sendmail configuration was very informative, and very welcome! I knew that sendmail looked at sendmail.cf, and that you were supposed to run a file through m4 to generate sendmail.cf, but I didn't know how to do it, now I at least have some idea.

Unfortunately Netscape rendered the backquotes rather oddly, so I labored for about an hour under the mistaken impression that they were pairs of single quotes, instead of backquote/quote pairs.

(!) Sorry. I'll try to remember to mention that next time I use unusual syntax such as m4's.

(?) You said, "For this to work smoothly you should create an account on your system that matches your account name on your ISP, and use that to work with your e-mail from that address." Unfortunately my desired username was already taken at my ISP, so my mail address is 'willy2' instead of 'willy', which is my account on my machine at home.

I use Gnus from within Emacs as my MUA and I've told it my correct mail address. I believe it sets the Reply-to field, so that should be ok, shouldn't it?

Well, if I get a reply from you, then I'll know that my Gnus/sendmail setup is working :)

(!) Your method seems to be working. Under some systems you can't easily set the return addresses from your MUA. You can have sendmail rewrite the username portion of the addresses by using the genericstable FEATURE.
I didn't want to get into that last time I was talking about this since it just adds a bit more complication. The original correspondent was probably having enough trouble digesting all that I said as it was.

(?) Thanks for all your columns!

(!) You're welcome. Glad I could help.

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