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(?) Modem Problems on a Win '95 System

From Benedict, Kevin F on Thu, 23 Sep 1999

I have a windows 95 system, and was using a U.S. Robotics 33 external modem. It started working spiratically. I received a U.S. Robotics 56k external modem as a gift. It was new. I hooked it up, and now my machine will not boot up unless the modem is turned off, or the serial cable is unplugged. The control panel identifiles com 2, . If I boot up, and then connect it, and try to add it to the system, the system locks up. On boot up, the system gets all the way to "starting windows 95" , access the cd rom drive light briefly, then the modem trsl ight, then locks up. Microsoft says it is a hardward problem, and U.S. Robotics took the modem in for service, and returned it, saying nothing was wrong with it. I have replaced the cable, with no effect. I can boot up in safe mode o.k.. Is there something that could help me besides taking the machine into a shop? thanks for your consideration.

(!) Well, it's an external modem. So, it will probably run under Linux. Of course the machine might have problems running Linux --- so you might want to replace that and your OS. I'd start by just replacing MS Windows '9x with Linux or FreeBSD. See if that works.
BTW: I'm the Linux Gazette Answer Guy. You might want to read some of the back issues, or the FAQ, to understand why my answer is so obtuse. More importantly you might want to actually READ some of the web pages that come up when you're desperately searching for support that your software vendor clearly is not providing. If you'd READ any of the links from which you found my e-mail address then you might have seen that I don't DO Windows. Most importantly you if you READ before you e-mail question you won't sent "off-topic" questions to UNIX, MacOS, and other "answer guys" that don't DO Windows.

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