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(?) Linux to HP9000 Through RAS?

From hansmok on Mon, 11 Oct 1999

(?)Dear Jose L. Torres Reyes,

I am a beginer who have interest in linux in South Korea.

(!) First, please don't send e-mail in HTML format. Most people won't appreciate it. (Obviously if you have some friends who prefer it, you can do what you like with them.
The best way to send e-mail is as plain, simple ASCII text with no special characters, and simple line, space and tab formatting. Keep the lines down to about 72 characters or less. For best results leave a few spaces or a tab on the left as a "margin."

[ We've no idea who Mr. Reyes is, either. But it was, at least, a Linux question. -- Heather ]

(?) I tried contacted between personal computer(operating system:slackware linux) and HP9000 unix server(operating system:UNIX) through PPP(point to point protocol) method.

I checked success in login into HP9000 unix server but failed after inserting password.

I don't know the reason that failed in contacting into HP9000 unix server.

I use RAS(Remote Access Service) in contacting. I'd like to receive your answer as soon as possible.


(!) There are many ways to set up PPP among UNIX and Linux systems. I don't know what your HP-UX is referring to as "RAS" (remote access server). It could be that they've implemented some service that is designed to allow NT systems to log into theirs. (That would be the most likely meaning of the term RAS in this context).
The Linux PPP daemon would not normally function as a RAS client. There maybe options to do that, however it seems like it would just complicate matters. I'd suggest that you just play with the HP PPP settings (see their docs for info on that --- or talk to their technical support) so that they allow simple PAP or CHAP authentication. Then configure your Linux pppd accordingly.
The difficult thing about PPP in general is that you have to make sure that your settings and those of your remote (ISPs in most cases, the HP9000 in yours) all match. Different PPP implementations use slightly different terms for some of the many features that they offer, and most of them have completely different configuration file formats, locations and command line options.
Be sure to spend time with the Linux PPP HOWTO at http://www.linuxdoc.org/HOWTO/PPP-HOWTO.html.

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