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(?) Staging Server on localhost

From Larry on Wed, 13 Oct 1999

Your answer to Mark was accurate as it stood, but you left out a second, possibly better, solution: put Linux on the Mac! Instead of buying a basic PC, save the money and use one computer for two purposes.

I have an older PowerMac running a webserver (Apache under MkLinux to be precise) on our corporate intranet, and it does a fine job. I also have a dual-booting G3 at home, plus an older system dedicated to NetBSD.

Back to the staging server -- if Mark were to simply use the Mac (running Linux) to do the testing, he could pull up a browser under X11 and make all his calls to <http://localhost>.

Just another idea. Larry

(!) You are correct. He could run Linux on his Mac. He didn't specify which platform his Mac was (PPC or older 68K) but there are versions of Linux for both. For PowerPC there are a number of distributions available: LinuxPPC, mkLinux, Yellow Dog (YDL), and Debian, to name a few.
For the 68K I think Debian might be the only full distribution around.
Of course it might be that Mark actually likes MacOS, or some of the tools that currently run under it and haven't been ported to Linux. It's also possible that some of the testing that he wants to do is not feasible through the loopback interface.
However, it's worth mentioning and remembering.

(?) A Staging Server

From anonymous on Fri, 15 Oct 1999

You are correct. He could run Linux on his Mac. ...

For the 68K I think Debian might be the only full distribution around.

There's also NetBSD/mac68k, which I hesitate to mention because this is a Linux publication. :-) But from personal experience, it's a good choice for a 68K system.


(!) You're right about that, too. NetBSD support on several platforms pre-dates Linux by a few years.
I wouldn't hesitate to mention it because of this being a Linux venue. I've recommended *BSD to Linux users before and I will again. FreeBSD is a slick system. It's well integrated and robust. I've used it and I suggest that every serious Linux enthusiast try FreeBSD or {Net,Open}BSD at least once.
Of course I prefer Linux. But my preference is based on personal experience, and relatively minor issues.

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