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(?) More AOL Instant Messenger Spying

From Jon Sandler on Mon, 11 Oct 1999

it is very important to me as well that i spy on other people's instant messages - seeing messages from both the sender and the reciever. your help would be greatly appreciated. and im not too in tune with the technical stuff, so a simple way would be good. thank you very much.

(!) You are also "not too in tune" with ethics. You're also not too bright, and you're lazy (since I'm sure you know something about the basics of capitalization, et al).
I don't use AOL or any other instant messaging facility. I don't care about AOL or instant messaging. I don't know how to spy on people using this software, and if I did know (if I took the time to figure it out) I wouldn't tell you.
What I don't understand is why people like you send me questions like this.
I can only imagine that you came across my name using a web search. If you searched on "AOL" or "IM" and "spying" (or similar topics) then you might have found other issues of the Linux Gazette where I've told other people that I don't dispense advice on spying. So I can only conclude that you found my address, didn't bother to read any of my writing, and blindly mailed me. Like I said, not terribly bright.
I'm sure you could find people who are more "in tune" with your interests and ethics in some of the seedier IRC channels. Of course you'll have to learn quite a bit to figure out how use IRC.
Of course, I do wonder if anyone else at your site knows, or cares about your clandestine interests. I'll just copy the postmaster there on this reply (since you might be violating your employer's policies or your ISP's acceptable use policy by attempting to invade the privacy of others).

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