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(?) Telnet trouble

From Mathew on Sat, 25 Sep 1999

Dear Jim

Your email did help me to solve the problem with the telnet in linux. It works fine now. Thanks a million.....

I have a small doubt. Let me explain...... My network has a NT server, LINUX server and 20 windows 95 clients. I followed your instructions and added the address of all the clients into the /etc/hosts file on the LINUX machine and voila the telnet worked immediately.

But the NT server was the one who was running a DHCP server and dynamically allocating the addresses to the clients. The clients were configured to use DHCP and were not statically given and ip addresses. I managed to see the current DHCP allocation for each client and add those address into the /etc/hosts file on the LINUX server but my doubt is what happens when the DHCP address for the client changes? Then again we'll have to change the address in the /etc/hosts file right? This seems silly. Is there anyway to make the LINUX hosts file to automatically pick up the DHCP address from the NT server?

Also another important thing is I am still unable to ping from the NT server to the LINUX server using the name. It works only with the IP address. Is there any way to make the NT DHCP to recognize the LINUX server?

(!) Well, either you shouldn't use dynamic addressing (DHCP) or you should use dynamic DNS. You could also disable TCP Wrappers (edit your /etc/inetd.conf to change lines like:
telnet	stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/sbin/tcpd	in.telnetd
... to look more like:
telnet	stream  tcp     nowait  root    /usr/sbin/in.telnetd in.telnetd
(and comment out all of the services you don't need while you're at it).

(?) Thanks Jim for all your help....you've become my LINUX guru.............

(!) Perhaps you should consider getting a support contract (or joining a local users group). I may not always respond as quickly nor as thoroughly as you'd like.

(?) Best Regards bob

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